I have a very beautiful friend who knows a secret of mine – And never lets me forget it…

It’s not the kind of secret that you would automatically think of being a big deal – nothing scandalous, saucy or sordid (although we share those kinds of secrets too!). It’s something much more important than that. It is a secret based on a dream dreamt by a young girl – a dream that could easily become a reality if only the woman she grew into believed in herself a little more…

When I become all too complacent in life, she reminds me, my beautiful friend.  Not with wickedness or banter, spitefulness or degradation; but with encouragement, excitement, honesty and a twinkle in her eye that says “I believe in you”…And she truly does.

I cannot go on dismissing the greatest gift that anyone could bestow another, the one thing that fades so easily within ourselves and becomes so very hard to regain… The greatest, most treasured gift that I have ever in my life received….Belief

So I have on a whim, declared today, Monday 19th January, the day that I overpower doubt, fear and anxiety; negativity, distraction and excuse.  And instead I honour the secret, the dream, the scribbles, the thoughts and the words…But, most importantly I honour my friend, my kindred spirit and her belief in me…

Today I finally write.

So here’s to you K, and the secret that you will not let me forget! x

Liss Actually x

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