Lessons for the Climb.

Throughout the journey of our lives, we all indeed encounter some “speed bumps”, some of which may be so tiny that they are merely that of a hiccup on the road, others will most certainly feel somewhat more substantial, an unachievable mountain perhaps, but our greatest challenge is not letting ourselves be afraid or defeated by the mere thought of the climb.

Finding inspiration, determination and belief in oneself doesn’t come all too easily – this I know all too well as I have faced, climbed and shied away from many a mountain, and I know that there will indeed be many more ahead.  The answers and courage are there within all of us, it just takes the right person, moment or situation to trigger and unlock the strength needed to start the climb and encourage the journey.

I’ve compiled a list of advice and lessons, some of which I am still learning from, that have been bestowed upon me through my own “mountain climbing”. They might render useless to others or are perhaps common knowledge, but I believe are better shared than kept to oneself.

If it ignites even the smallest of reassurance or comfort in some little way, I could not ask for more.

  • No matter the location or lighting you find yourself in, look around you and take it all in. The common sights that you see each day may seem mundane, unchanged or all too familiar but really they are the backdrops to your memories.
  • Embrace your body, for it is the home of your heart & soul, and will transport you through life.  Treat it with respect and love.
  • It may be a small world but it’s a huge planet.  Grab every opportunity to see as much of it as you possibly can. Most people don’t.
  • Avoid negative people at all costs – they will only waste your time and energy.
  • Treat others as you wish to be treated.  Offer a smile to strangers, a hand to those in need and a shoulder to those shedding tears.
  • Be kind to your Mother, you may not realise it but she is your best friend and knows more about you than anyone else in this world.
  • Never be afraid to express Love. Hug tightly, hold hands, say I love you.
  • Don’t worry about being popular.  When it comes to friends, choose wisely and always surround yourself with those who make you feel comfortable in your own skin.
  • Never stop dancing. Whether it be on your own or in company, indoors or out – it is always beautiful.
  • Only speak words of truth, no matter the implication – you are always worse off if they are not honest.
  • Save your money, for there will always be a day when you need it.
  • If something doesn’t feel right – it’s not.
  • Allow yourself to experience new things.  You will never know unless you try!
  • When you are happy, sad, proud, confused and in love.  Don’t bottle it up.
  • Always remember your manners. Especially the words “Thank you”.
  • Ask questions.  You will never know the answers unless you do.
  • Learn from your mistakes and if possible find humour in them.
  • Never cheat. Not on exams, in board games, or on those you love.
  • There is no definition of the perfect family – all are dysfunctional in their own way.
  • Express yourself through any means you find empowering. Allow yourself to be unique.
  • Don’t start something that you don’t intend on finishing.
  • Learn to forgive – it will free space your heart for the important things.
  • Listen to the older generations – they really do have wise words to share.
  • Stand up for yourself and those you care about – but always make sure you know the full story first.
  • Always believe in Love.

Life is all about learning from mistakes, laughing when hindsight makes you feel a little foolish and loving those who truly accept you in all your forms …

Liss Actually x

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