Amateur Internet Dater – Part 3.

So, I treated myself to a well deserved break, and a mandatory KitKat (of the chunky variety), after the marathon effort that was phase one of the beast that is my cyber dating profile… And I must admit, upon reflection and recently advised success stories, I’m starting to feel all giddy (possibly sugar related) with excitement at the prospect of being one step (more like 239 if you count all those bastard multiple choice questions I answered) closer to meeting my Prince Charming. Or, as I like to refer to him, Gavin.

That said, and giddiness aside, one must continue to be an active participant in this hell bent love quest if she wishes to capture Gav’s heart before they are both pace maker reliant… It’s time to get back “on the line”!

Now, I’m not all too sure whether it was my eagerness to get the party started or not, but my I attempt’s (there were 5) at the login process didn’t go all to plan…. Damn it! I’ve forgotten my password already! It’s only been a few days – typical though, I knew I should have just gone with my initial choice of trunk0junk but, oh no, I had to be all classy and mature that day didn’t I? Oh well, lesson learnt.


Right, let’s do this…..

 YOUR PROFILE NEEDS A LITTLE WORK… Looks like you missed something, how about adding a little more detail to your profile so we can find your perfect match sooner… 

Seriously? MORE work?…

When can I just set this love boat of a profile off sailing in the ocean of flirtatious winks and cheesy pick up lines? I mean honestly, I’m already oiled up ready to linger with an aire of mystery by the pool. And yes, alright, I could have packed a sarong or maybe a nice kaftan to keep “the pudding’s of Christmas past” to myself… But honestly, what on earth could be that bad that I’m still not allowed to mingle with the other passengers?

On closer inspection though, it would appear that these “love guru’s” had a valid point. Yes, I was all coco-buttered up, pina-colada in hand, but had all too conveniently missed the most crucial point of it all. The very point of this whole process. The very reason I stepped out of my comfort zone and squeezed into a hot pink two piece swim suit (so-to-speak); and I’m not a naturally tanned person mind you. Without those final few elements – my life rafts – my maiden voyage was going to be anything but grand. Basically, the way it stood, I was rooming with Leo on the Titanic.


Who the hell is Gavin?

Who the hell is Gavin?

I guess I have some serious thinking to do….

Liss Actually x

2 thoughts on “Amateur Internet Dater – Part 3.

  1. kcacurlcare says:

    I shared your blog with my husband the other day. We both had a bit of a chuckle.
    His name is Gavin and i met him online.
    I wish you all the best, i found my Gavin, and he is as charming as any Prince charming out there. 🙂


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