Liebster Award.


Well here’s some exciting news… and no, I haven’t found Gavin!.. yet!

I’m absolutely beside myself that I have been nominated for a Liebster Award, by the oh so very kind Curlography. And, I am truly warmed at the continued support and encouragement from my fellow bloggers – you guys rock!

An especially big thank you goes to those who have taken the time to stop by Liss Actually x   your gifts are in the mail!

Official Rules for accepting the Liebster Award are: 

  1. Put the Liebster Award logo on your blog
  2. Answer the questions given and then come up with 10 new ones to ask your nominations.
  3. Nominate 8 other blogs, let them know you have nominated them and put a link to their blog in your post.
  4. No tag-backs.
  5. You must tell all the blogs that you have nominated them.

The 10 Questions (and of course, my answers) I have been asked are:

1) A book that changed your perspective on a topic..

Portia De Rossi’s “Unbearable Lightness” truly lifted my own feelings of isolation and helplessness whilst dealing with my own battle with bulimia.

2) If you could have anyone alive or dead as a dinner guest, who would it be and why…

My ancestors… So I meet those whose lives triggered my own existence.

3) What are you passionate about?

Words, love, kindness… Oh, and double dipped Cherry Ripes

4) What would your dream job look like?

Travelling around the world signing the covers of my best selling novel..

5) What are your pet peeves?

Refrigerated chocolate, cyclists without helmets, tomato sauce on hot chips..

6) What is one thing in your home you couldn’t live without?

My two beautiful daughters..

7) What senses triggers memories, sight, sound, smell, touch or taste?

Undoubtedly sound… I find comfort and solace in music no matter what emotional state I am in, and find that I will be taken back to that place as soon as I hear familiar tunes…

8) What would you like to be remembered for?

My unwavering and fierce love for those who mattered most. 

9) What is your all time favourite song to dance to?

B52’s Loveshack

10) Which do your prefer, sweets or savoury?

How about lightly salted, slightly sweet…

My talented nominees are:


Finding My Inner Zen

World and Time Enough


The Joy of Cooking (for Little Assholes)


The Main Focus

 My Kind of Pop Culture

And your questions, should you choose to accept them:

  1. What is your greatest ambition in life?
  2. What is your most guilty pleasure?
  3. Superpower of choice – Invisibility or Flight?
  4. Who would play you in the movie of your life?
  5. If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?
  6. Your favourite time of day, and why?
  7. If you had 24hrs, and there were no implications on your actions, what would you do?
  8. What inspires you most?
  9. If you could ask your future self three questions, what would they be?
  10. What would you like to be remembered for most?

I wish you all the very best, good luck!

Liss Actually x

10 thoughts on “Liebster Award.

  1. Glynis says:

    Wow, thanks for the nomination! It’s funny, I read your post, enjoyed it and “liked” it, but completely missed that you had nominated me 🙂 I even saw another blog that I read regularly and was like, “oh, cool, I know them.” Haha. I’ll get working on a post! Many thanks for reading. ~g


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